Welcome to the Northern Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition

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Mission Statement

“The Northern Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition will provide the community with breastfeeding support, resources and education to increase the success and longevity of breastfeeding in Northern Colorado.”

Vision Statement

“Create an environment that supports and sustains breastfeeding success in Northern Colorado.” Read More

Colorado Supports Breastfeeding

The coalition is excited to join forces to reduce barriers so that breastfeeding is the norm and easier for mothers to be successful. A few barriers to breastfeeding successfully include lack of support from family members, lack of peer support for breastfeeding mothers, lack of instruction and education from health care professionals, hospital practices that may make it hard to start breastfeeding, and lack of employer support for breastfeeding employees. We desire to address these issues.

With strong laws in place to protect a woman’s right to breastfeed both at work and in public, Colorado breastfeeding mothers have the ability to breastfeed wherever they have a right to be. For more information regarding a woman’s right to breastfeed and exciting work taking place in our state, visit the Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition’s website.

The Northern Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition works closely with local employers to help support mothers returning to work who wish to continue offering the best nutrition possible to their children while they are away via specific trainings and recognition of local breastfeeding friendly businesses. For specific information regarding returning to work and breastfeeding, see this helpful document created by the Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition.