Breastfeeding Friendly Public Venues

Supporting breastfeeding in public… is good for Business and Health, and it’s the Law

The Northern Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition is honored to support, educate, and recognize public venues who support breastfeeding families!

Welcoming breastfeeding mothers in public:

  • Is good for your business reputation and livelihood. Your support will be noticed and appreciated by mothers and families throughout your community – and they will tell others to patronize your workplace.
  • Is good for the economy! If 90% of U.S. family’s breastfed exclusively for 6 months, the U.S. would save $13 billion every year from reduced medical and other costs.
  • Is the law. Colorado law protects the right of a woman to breastfeed her baby anywhere she has the right to be herself.


Breastfeeding Friendly Public Venue Poster

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To nominate a public venue in Northern Colorado that supports breastfeeding, contact us here today!

Northern Colorado Breastfeeding Friendly Public Venues:
Eaton Area Community Center
First Congregational Church in Greeley
High Plains Library District
University of Northern Colorado
Weld County Public Health
Weld County WIC
Windsor Recreation Center